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Customer Focus

Tycon Medical is Focused on Providing Superior Customer Service

The caring and knowledgeable team at Tycon Medical knows that no matter how much equipment we carry, it’s the service and customer care that make the biggest difference.  From the first call or online contact to your last visit, Tycon Medical is there for you.

Tycon Medical has a Team of Professionals to Assist You, including:

  • RESNA-Certified Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs)
  • An American Board Certified Pedorthist (CPED)
  • A Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF)
  • A Licensed Respiratory Therapist
  • A team of Customer Service Professionals ready to answer your questions
  • A team of Billing Specialists
  • Rehab and Delivery Technicians that will train you on your equipment and show you how to care for it properly

Some of the details that Tycon handles for you: 

  • Obtaining Authorizations from Insurance Companies for your equipment
  • Obtaining the necessary physician orders and documentation for insurance coverage of your equipment
  • Billing of insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Anthem and Optima
  • Reworking of denied insurances and Medicare claims
  • Compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies
  • Loaner mobility products while client's product is in for service
  • Instruction on equipment operation and safety to client, family and caregiver

How can Tycon Medical serve you today? Visit the Tycon Medical online catalog to see more products and what we offer or contact us for assistance.

Tycon's Mission is to provide high quality, innovative home medical solutions and outstanding customer service to its patients and healthcare partners.