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Complex Rehab

Welcome to the Complex Rehab Department!

The Complex Rehab Team at Tycon Medical specializes in fulfilling your mobility needs by ensuring you are individually assessed and fitted to the most clinically beneficial chair as determined by your doctor and our team of highly trained Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP). At Tycon Medical, we make complex rehab simple – here’s how…

Our Unique Process

We know the process for getting qualified for a wheelchair can be long and confusing. At Tycon Medical, you’ll be assigned a Case Manager on Day 1 of the process that will work with you every step of the way until you’re in your new chair. Our Case Managers work with your doctor to ensure all required documentation is accurate and submitted in a timely fashion to your insurance company, so you don’t have to.


  • Typically, obtaining complex mobility equipment, such as a power wheelchair or a custom manual wheelchair, will require the following steps:
    • A face-to-face appointment with your treating physician for the purpose of evaluating and documenting your need for mobility equipment;
    • A mobility and seating evaluation with a licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist (PT/OT);
    • An evaluation with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) from Tycon Medical, often done in conjunction with your PT/OT evaluation (the step above), where the wheelchair and accessories necessary to meet your mobility needs are determined; and
    • A home visit to ensure that the equipment chosen is compatible with your home environment.
  • Tycon Medical will coordinate with your treating physician and the PT/OT to schedule your appointments and to obtain the medical documentation required by your health insurance provider.
  • Once we receive all the necessary documentation from your healthcare providers, this paperwork will be sent to your insurance provider for authorization and approval. Insurance companies typically take up to 30 days to process the paperwork and grant approval or issue a denial. We will contact you if there are any relevant issues or updates during this process.
  • Once we receive authorization from your health insurance provider, your equipment will be ordered. Equipment usually takes 14 to 21 days to arrive and will be built to your specifications. Once assembled, we will contact you to schedule delivery of your equipment.
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Our Products

  • Complex Power Wheelchairs
  • Custom Manual Wheelchairs
  • Consumer Power Wheelchairs
  • Power Mobility Scooters
  • Other Mobility Devices (Strollers, Standers, & Other Specialty Products)

Service & Repair

  • How We Can Help
    • Ensuring your chair is ready when you need it is just as important as getting you that perfectly fitted chair in the first place. Even if we didn’t help you get your chair, our highly trained technicians are ready to take care of your service needs on your schedule.

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